Mission Statement


The Mary-Kyri Companies mission is to inspire all creativity and passion in design, marketing and deliverance of collections to an international customer. Mary-Kyri always represents the highest of standards in production procedures, innovation in products and concepts, utilising unique, impeccable quality leathers, components and creativity in designs.


The Mary-Kyri collections are made for sophisticated, vibrant and passionate women who are not afraid to express their individuality. Mary-Kyri designs are not about a woman’s age, they are the essence of what characterises a woman. Created from the understanding of women’s needs and desires, the Mary-Kyri exclusive collection displays the absolute luxury produced entirely in Italy, unique workmanship, comfort and creative passion. They elongate a woman’s physique and change a woman’s demeanour.


My mission in life is to use the creativity and beauty of the world to motivate different people, inspire and reach their souls through love and acceptance of all things unique and foreign. Beauty radiates in our differences. God made these differences.