"From the very beginning, stilettos have always been my absolute passion. I love the way a pair of stilettos can change a woman's demeanour and elongate her physique. My shoes are made for elegant, sophisticated and passionate women who are not afraid to express their individuality. My designs are not about a woman's age, they are the essence of what characterises a woman."

As a girl, Mary-Kyri was obsessed with her mother's shoe collection and often dressed up in oversized heels and way too much make-up to perform for the family. Her teenage passion grew to an addiction for designer label stilettos and clothing.

Completing a Diploma in counselling at the age of twenty, Mary-Kyri made an impulse decision and immediately enrolled to study fashion design. She completed a three year Diploma in Fashion Design, Clothing and Textiles at the Marleston Design Institute in South Australia in 2003. Shortly after, she was employed in a number of design apparel roles, however shoes were her absolute passion. It was during this period she gained valuable industry experience to assist her in her next journey.

Late 2005, Mary-Kyri boldly set her sights on creating her first shoe collection. On impulse she sold her car and purchased a return ticket to Italy to fulfil this dream. Once there, she secured a meeting with one of Italy's most prestigious manufacturers who created footwear for the world's most renowned designer labels. Mary-Kyri then worked in the factory, learning every aspect of high fashion shoe manufacture and began to design her first collection. In March 06 Mary-Kyri's dream was realised and her first collection 'Virago' was released in Australia and New Zealand.

Mary-Kyri is a passionate, energetic and dynamic business woman who has been profiled in many long-lead magazines and newspapers, also speaking at a number of business seminars and appearing on TV shows. Now setting her sights on expanding throughout the world market, she constantly receives amazing opportunities to participate in renowned international fashion weeks and exhibit at the world's most prestigious showrooms. Constantly exercising her innovative passions, Mary-Kyri is currently developing a fashion online site, one that is unique of it's kind within the fashion industry. The design and concept will redefine the boundaries of fashion, launching in August 2014.